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Below is a list of the latest development on our web-site:

Date Details Web Page
March 30, 2020 Updated Second Hand Machines
February 28, 2017 Updated Brochures
February 28, 2017 Updated Dowel Boring Machine AFP 2500
February 20, 2017 Updated Second Hand Machines
January 31, 2017 New Morsoø Mitring Machine E Future Green (EFG)
August 31, 2016 Updated Morso Model NF/NFX/NEH and NXLEH with manually operated digital measuring scale
August 29, 2016 Updated Dowel Boring Machines Model BM
August 26, 2016 Updated Morso Model NEH / NXLEH with touch screen
August 26, 2016 Updated Boring Heads for other machines