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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions. However, should you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Does the bottom knives require sharpening ?

A: No - if they are sharpened the measurement will alter. Every pair of bottom knives are individually adjusted to each mitring machine. If the bottom knives are causing problems it is unfortunately necessary to fit a replacement set.

Q: My Morso EH single phase cuts out occasional.

A: Make sure the amps are correct. The small black switch located in lower right hand corner of the guide must read 10. Further, make sure you don't use an extension cord from the Morso EH to the power outlet.

Q: My Morso EH occasional refuses to advance.

A: Check to see if there's a loose connection in the right hand side push-button. ( The button must "click" when activating ). Also, check to see if a relay needs replacing.

Q: How do I change knives on my Morso mitring machine ?

A: Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, but will be solved by hard work, only. You must be extremely careful making sure the knives are adjusted correct. This can be a very time consuming process - and when handling the knives, watch your fingers. Under no circumstances is any space allowed between the knives.

Q: When do the knives need re-sharpening ?

A: It depends on the quality of the wood / plastic used. It can be anywhere after 1,000 to 100,000 cuts. As a general rule, the knives need to be re-sharpened when you're not satisfied with the end result ( to avoid downtime while having your knives re-sharpened, we recommend you always have a spare set of knives on hand ).

Q: Who can re-sharpen my knives ?

A: We do, but our distributors are also able to do it for you. We have developed a grinding machine for this specific purpose. To assure your knives are sharpened correctly, the majority of our distributors have this machine.

Q: How to cut a moulding.

A: You place the moulding in the machine, and adjust the rebate supports according to the moulding. The moulding can be cut either in two cuts or in "bite by bite cuts". The size of the moulding determines how many cuts you must have. The wider the moulding is the more cuts you have to make. The adjustment of the knives is made by the handle. No matter how small a moulding is it must always be cut in two cuts, the last cut being the so-called "trim-cut". This cut leaves the surface completely smooth.