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True Stories About Morso

Below you will find some true stories about Morso. Should you have another one, please contact us.

One of our customers in North Carolina experienced a flood during Hurricane Ivan last year. His shop -including his Model EH -was under 3 feet of water.

After very carefully allowing his EH machine ( not even a foot machine, but an EH ) to dry thoroughly over a period of 2 weeks, the only part he had to replace was the on/off switch.

Smart customer and good machine. I bet his insurance agent was pleased.

We have a basic Morso F mitre machine ( serial no. 17559 ). First may I tell you that I bought the machine second-hand ( it is an old one ) more than ten years ago. It is the best machine I have ever had in my workshop. We would not use any other machine.

Maybe interesting for you to know that when we bought our machine it was seized up solid. We completely dismantled it, and soaked the parts in paraffin ( kerosene ) for several days, then removed all the rust using wire brushes, then reassembled it from the manual.

The machine is extremely free moving with perfectly accurate cut. Even when a spring broke after several years we simply replaced it with some bungee ford ( shock cord ) until a new spring came, the next day.

We are a very busy framers. We make approx 15,000 bespoke frames per year, including a lot in hard materials including ash, wider timbers and metal ( aluminium ) covered, as well as plastics. So this machine has made 150,000 picture frames whilst I have had it! In that time it has used up only two sets of blades ( knives ). We have four sets of original Morso knives. In that time it has used only two sets of springs!

Everyone who uses the Morso loves it. Your machine has been the mainstay of my business, has provided a good living, fed my wife and kids, paid my mortgage, and has never let me down.

We look forward to many more years using Morso machinery, which is the finest in the world for cutting mitres.

PS. at home we also have two Morso wood stoves, in which we burn all the wood chipping from the workshop!
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At a show in New York, a customer comes by to tell us how wonderful a machine the Morso F is: Of course we are pleased for the happiness, but we cannot stop smiling as he tells us the following story:

His father bought a Morso F about 30 years ago and paid about 550 USD. The customer has now got the machine from his father, and the Morso F has been used quite a lot during the period. However our customer decided to sell his Morso F to buy a new one, and he got about 975 USD for his old machine in 1996.... Better investment than sending the money to the bank, he thought....

At the Autumn Fair in Birmingham in 1998 a customer is asking for spare parts for his old Morso F. He tells us that it is an older model, and we ask for the machine number. It turns out that the machine has left our factory back in 1950 and according to the customer he is still very happy with the machine. Do we have to tell that the customer got his spare parts ? ?

A lady in London recently bought a second hand Morso F. She asked us for an instruction manual to the machine with serial number 1394.

We went through our records and found out that the machine left our factory the 17th of May 1952 and at that time the price for a Morso F was DKK 843,- ( approx GBP 80,- ). She has paid about DKK 4,400,- ( GBP 400,- ) for her second hand machine.

A man in Louisiana has a Morso F mitring machine, which was involved in a serious fire in 1988.

The Morso F was of course damaged due to the fire, and the man had to do some repair to get the machine working again. However in December 1998 the man had to order some original spare parts, as he said: "I cannot work forever with my own repairs..."

Mr. Nestor in Puerto Rico has a Morso F, serial no. 8245 - year 1968 - still working flawless. As you may recall, in 1989 hurricane Hugo hit Puerto Rico and unfortunately completely destroyed Mr. Nestor's house. Except one item - his Morso mitring machine.....

Although the mitring machine did become a bit corroded, after it was removed it looked as new again.

This day, Mr. Nestor has just purchased a new set of knives, so we reckon # 8245 is still going strong.

During our exhibition in Birmingham, a gentleman tells us his Morso mitring machine is more than 30 years old ( and still performs as brand new, of course ). And the story behind the purchase:

Thirty-one years ago he got married, and he and his wife bought a flat, but couldn't afford any furniture's because the gentleman had to have his Morso before furniture's. For this reason they had to sleep on the floor for a few months, as they couldn't have it all.
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