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Morso Frame Assemblers


Morso Model UP-H Morso Model UP-M
Morso Model UP-H A manually handoperated bench model.

Ideal for small work and hobby use.
Morso Model UP-M A manually operated bench model.
Operated by hydraulic foot pedal – no compressor – no electricity.

Ideal for standard work as well as the small work shop with little space.
Morso Model UP-ATH Morso Model UP-AKS
Morso Model UP-ATH A pneumatic operated bench model.

Dual hand operated for 100% safety.

Ideal for standard work.
Morso Model UP-AKS A compact pneumatic operated machine.

With build in noise less compressor.

Dual hand operated for 100% safety.
Accessories for Morso Frame Assemblers Wedges, Refillable solid steel cartridges, Pressure pads, Frames and Extension table.