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November 18, 2014

Fra: Richard []
Sendt: 10. december 2014 11:04
Til: Tove Pedersen
Emne: Morso exoerience and notes

A Morso Experience

The first Morso used was in 1972, purchased from the then Morso agent, Kent - Jones in Caterham Surrey, cost approximately £128 including purchase tax, this model had a sliding imperial scale, it was supplied with a spare set of blades and springs.

This Morso was used for the next 35 years with absolutely no problems, the blades being regularly sharpened and all moving parts oiled.

In 2003 we opened a training school in Livingston West Lothian, Scotland and decided in 2007 to change the existing Morso from Imperial to Metric as all the other equipment in use was metrically calibrated.

The original Morso was sold to a framer in Edinburgh; it is still in constant use as is one set of the original blades, that’s 42 years trouble free mitre cutting.

The replacement Morso, purchased in 2007, is metric with a sliding measuring scale with an extended right hand measuring arm and left hand moulding support, again the blades are regularly sharpened and moving parts frequently oiled.

All students who attend our training courses are instructed in the use of these precision machines, many have purchased Morso’s for their new businesses.

In 2014, due to business expansion we purchased a second hand Morso manufactured in 2007 with the normal measuring scale this also has proved an invaluable addition to our workshop.

We unreservedly recommend Morso mitring machines, they are the most important machine in any framers workshop.

Richard Atkin
Atkin Framers Ltd Livingston Scotland

October 12, 2014

Fra: []
Sendt: 12. oktober 2014 17:03
Til: Tove Pedersen
Emne: Morso from Website

Hi Tove, Could you let me know the age of my recently purchased second

hand Morso F75303.

Thanks, Richard

ps. Have used your machines for over 45 years with no problems, completely reliable.

September 08, 2014

September 08, 2014
Fra: Ana Lucia Gomez []
Sendt: 8. september 2014 21:19
Til: Claus Pedersen
Emne: Re: Morso order confirmation

Dear Claus, hello
What a wonderful - Wonderful tour of the factory, is always
encouraging to find passionate persons about their work, love the history and everything....
Thank you very much for taking the time!
I confirm everything, and I think is wise to include extra arm....could you please add that in the bill.
The flight fare all the way to Guatemala is excellent.

As soon as you add in the order the price on the arm I will order the transfer to you.

I would like that you visit us in Guatemala ...I am trying to think how
the market will be...I Am myself interested to be honest, I really love bussinnes, and I am in love with your product!
I am a gallerist, a framer and a Builder/developer of commercial spaces....
As soon as I get back to Guatemala, I will think deeply how you can introduce in Latin America your amazing product... Could be me or somebody else, I will think what is best...but no matter what,
from this moment, consider myself and Embassador of the wonderful Morso Machines and their invinsible blades!
Cheers Ana Lucía

May 04, 2013

May 13, 2014

Sendt: 14. maj 2014 13:38
Til: Tove Pedersen
Emne: Difference between Morso-F and Morso-F De-Luxe

Dear Tove,

Thank you so much for this wonderful and useful information.
I will be in touch with Deyim definitely and try to get the best Morso which will fit into my needs.
I now understand why everyone recommends Morso, not only good machinery but also good personnel working for the company.
Best regards, pleased to meet you...
Ayse W